Thanksgiving table settings

November is almost here! Some of you may already be planning your Thanksgiving menus. Is Turkey on the menu? Or do you have other family traditions?

Thanksgiving happens to be my favorite holiday. I love when we get together for a nice meal. It reminds us why we should be so grateful throughout the whole year. It’s a holiday that does not require gift giving or receiving. It’s the true meaning of what I feel holidays should be like.

If you are hosting for Thanksgiving I’ll share some table setting ideas that will be sure to have your guests feeling blessed.

  • Add some neutral tones to your table. These gorgeous pumpkins are from Kirklands. The cotton garland is also from Kirklands. They have these earthy colors, metallic colors or traditional orange pumpkin fillers for $5-$7. The cotton Garland is 48inches each piece for $15. You can make this gorgeous centerpiece for about $25! Add some cute chargers under your plates and let the conversations begin! (I got my charger plates at the Christmas Tree Shop. Currently I think they are 6 chargers for $9 but, they always go on sale for $1 or even 50 cents each! )(add the autumn bliss napkin rings from Pier One for $3.95 each)

  • This just shouts family gatherings! If you are in the DIY mood, you can make your own wooden box centerpiece and stain it to your liking. This centerpiece is from Kirklands for $52. It is beautiful and with just this piece on your table you’re sure to make a statement.(add the harvest wreath napkin rings from Pier One for $3.95 each)

  • If you have trees around your backyard, you can make your own wooden chargers. They are sure to make a statement. Sand them down so no one gets splinters! Add cute pumpkins for color. The pumpkins are from Kirklands but I’ve seen cute ones at Michael’s for under $2.

  • Need a smaller setting? This candelabra can be found in Kirklands for $37. Add a little pumpkin to each plate and fill those glasses of wine!Make your guests feel loved by making these Napkins & Flatware holder from Card stock paper!

  • I am loving the copper trays! They are the perfect touch to add style to any menu. These beauties are from Kirklands for $150 for a set of 3. I am sure I can find some at homegoods at a better price! I will keep you posted!(Add some Copper Napkin rings for the extra touch! From Bed Bath & Beyond $2.95. They always have so many coupons too!)
  • For now this is my table decor. I’m loving the wooden box. It’s so versatile and came be used for every season. Just change the follower arrangements and it can be used over and over again.

I’m not hosting thanksgiving but, I still love to decorate the dinning room. Be sure to share your table setting pictures for this Thanksgiving! Which one will you try? I’d love to see your creations!

(If you do not have a Kirklands store near you, they have an online store as well)

All I needed was a toothbrush…

How many times have you told yourself “I am only going to target for one thing!” Two hours later, and a cart full of everything you didn’t go to Target for, you realize once again you didn’t keep your promise! Target gets me every time. I went to Target to get a toothbrush. Once again I found so much more. But, this time I won’t complain because I found my knee high boots!!

So these beauties were only $39.99. They are comfy and were the perfect touch to my “fall” outfit. I bought the big flannel scarf there for under $20. That cute little chair I’m sitting in was also purchased from Target in September for $20. I guess this time I can say the Target finds were a great bargain! How many times have you gone to target for something small and $150 later you are in your car, convincing yourself you needed everything you stuffed in your trunk?

You know you’re a teacher if…

If you are a teacher, know a teacher, work with children, work with people that act like children or have kids of your own, I’m sure you can relate to some if not all of these!!

  • When I read this one I instantly thought Walmart! Hahaha! I spend double the amount of time in there just to get toothpaste because I want to use my teacher voice and put these kiddos in check! Sometimes, I feel like they must have teacher smell radar and they know I’m a teacher so my “excuse me” so I can get passed them makes them get into line formation!

This week definitely has the full moon approaching. Gravity must pull something in their hyperactivity side of their brain. Wow! They get extra energetic, talkative, and act in coo-coo ways!

Pencils. Yes I’m back to talking about pencils. They must be a part of their diet. I put out sharpened pencils everyday in the student center. By some miracle these pencils disappear! I think this Christmas I’m just asking Santa for pencils.

Okay. Yes I am going there. We may clock in at 7 and some may clock out at 3. We may not physically be in a classroom in July and August but we are planning lessons, finding supplements to modify our lessons, calling parents, finding outside resources to help students, buying supplies for the children, buying uniforms for some students, and grading endless amounts of papers. All that does not happen between the hours of 7-3 because we are teaching our lessons, being nurses, and even counselors. Anyone that goes into this profession does so because of their desire to teach young minds. The work does not stop. Yes occasionally you will see teachers on the beach in the summer. Some may even have a drink or several drinks in their hands. Just like any other profession, we also need a break from the 30 little energetic little kiddos we try to teach and inspire everyday. So like I tell “these people” if you think you’d like to work from “7-3” and have “off” in July and August, I invite you to take over my job for one week. Anyone else with me on this?

I’m still looking for that perfect concealer to hide the bags under my eyes. There is something about teaching and entertaining about 60 kids a day that sucks every ounce of energy from my body. (I teach two separate classes) I’m on autopilot/zombie mode for now. Hoping these multi vitamins kick in and start giving me this “super energy” they are promoting!

Hope you laughed along with me on some of these!

Feel free to add any of your own “you’re a teacher ifs” in the comments!!

A picture is worth…

Less than $20! I love adding personal touches of wall art to our home. Let your art reflect who you are. I’ve gotten some really cute items for less than $20.

  • Who doesn’t want to be reminded that they are gorgeous and handsome first thing in the morning?
  • Picture collages: A nice way to display pictures of your adventures, your loved ones, or your favorite vacation spots!
  • Quotes to remind you that life is a treasure and we should enjoy every moment…





Have your own quotes around your home? Share a picture under comments! I’d like to know what daily quotes inspire you in your home!

DIY decor with bottles

I love DIY projects, especially the projects I can actually do. Some DIY projects look so easy and then you start them and realize they lied because you can not “do this yourself”, you need an army of contractors to help you! This post is def a DIY. As much as I LOVE to decorate my home sometimes I’m in a time crunch. These spray painted bottles are my go to quick dinning room table centerpieces. You can decorate your kitchen island with them. You can use them as candle holders (the thin ones). The possibilities are endless and they took about 10 minutes to create. Save some bottles of wine or alcohol. Or do what I did, ask your friend whose family owns a restaurant to save some bottles of alcohol for you! This DIY project is under $10 and can be used for every season. Add some real or faux flowers for an extra accent to your creation! Do you have any other ideas for using these DIY bottles? Feel free to comment and share your ideas!

Source: DIY decor with bottles

Fall Fashion Favorites

Ready for the pumpkin picking, apple picking and pumpkin lattes? Fall weather definitely allows us to add some extra layers without quite looking like a stuffed snowman just yet! I have a few favorite pieces for fall. Have your own favorite fall items? Feel free to share them with me!

Nothing screams fall more than a checkered flannel top! Pair it with some jeans and booties and you’ve got the cute and comfy fall look! Shirt from #tjmaxx

I’m that girl that looks at her full closet and says “I have nothing to wear”. Some days I can pair up 5 different outfits, but let’s be real I can look at those same outfits another day and say “what was I thinking”. I try to buy clothing I can make multiple outfits out of. My wonderful suede pants are one of those items. They are comfy like leggings. Who doesn’t love leggings!! I may have to do a little squat routine to get into them but, once they are on they look and feel great! You can dress them up with some booties or casual them down with a loose tshirt and flats. Be sure to get the right camel color because some that are too light may give you the “naked” look. (Unless that’s what you’re going for ) I got my camel colored pair at #oldnavy for $20

Everyone knows the trick that heels can make your booty look better. But I’m not going to lie, I can’t wear high heels for more than 4 hours because then I walk like I’m carrying cinderblocks on my feet. But, I must say that I love my booties! They have just the right size heel!

I’m loving the knee high boots. Would you wear them to work? We pretty much only sit for lunch time so, any shoes I buy have to be ok for work as well. I’m on the hunt for some that are tight and not baggy with an “acceptable” heel. I’ve seen some cute ones from Nordstrom and a pretty good price too! What do you think?

My last Fall favorite is the poncho! I absolutely love adding scarves as an accessory to my outfits. This year, I’ve grown a love for ponchos. They seem to be great for my “feeling fat” kind of days! Came across these beauties in Zara! A belt over your oversized scarves There you have it! I promise I’ll work on adding and perfecting more pictures of myself. Still haven’t gotten 100% comfortable with the “act natural” while one foot is crossed over the other. Have to practice a bit more with my hubby photographer, this should be fun! I’ll try the “look into the distance and smile while pretend walking!” Any tips on the right way to take style pics? Well for now, Happy Fall Y’all!

Survived September

I survived the first month of school ( I think) even though each weekday seemed to have had more than 24 hours and weekends…what are weekends?!

There are so many different personalities in one classroom it makes every day an adventure. I love my daily adventures no matter how exhausted I am at the end of the day. I may torture myself a little more by working the afterschool program everyday but, it’s worth it! I get to know the students in a different way. They show you their full silly side which they suppress because it’s “time on task” throughout the school day. Afterschool we work a little extra on building positive relationships while celebrating each students talents. They even get to witness my “it’s almost Friday happy dance” on Thursdays. I did a little extra dance this Friday to close off the month of September.

September was brought to you by: some bloody noses, puke, bathroom accidents, scrapes, some missed homework assignments, some tears, some giggles, some interesting back to school night parent conversations, and the many to-do’s on our teacher checklist! Pencils continue to be a vital part of our students lives. A Pack of 100 pencils I purchased are already gone! Bon appetite! Some people may think all we do is sing and color all day but there is a little bit of a super hero in each and every teacher. We survived September. Bring it October, bring on the excitement for Halloween and the overly sugar rushed kiddies. (Just no clown costumes please!) We’ve got this!


In our family, wine makes our world go round. My dad has his own little vineyard in Spain and he makes great red wine! It’s currently wine making season so my siblings are making their own wine here in the states. I’ve already told them I would help out; they make the wine, I will help them drink it!! I was so excited to see that my brother in-law and sister had these cute grape crates and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on them. I have some cute ideas so, stay tuned to see the after pics!!

Double takes

Grading papers can be a bit boring until you come across some answers that make you do a double take and chuckle. Everyone’s got that inner silly child! So chuckle away! It’s only the first month of school I am sure I’ll come across some funnier ones! Stay tuned and feel free to share your own!

Back to School Night

There, I said it!  The four words that make teachers cringe with the realization that summer is over.  The four words that some parents celebrate. And of course those are the four words that make the children over the moon excited right?

What helps make Back to School Night successful? SURVIVAL. You must survive the night! I’ll share a few tips that have helped me survive back to school night in the past. Feel free to share your own ideas in the comments.  I work with some inspirational and superb educators that always share great tips and strategies so, shout out to you ladies!!

MOTIVATE: Want to ensure high attendance of parents? Offer homework passes to the parents of the students whose parent attended the Back to School Night!

As teachers we love to give them, as parents they love to get them!

ORGANIZE: Create a brochure with the most important talking points. Address important dates, your contact information, and important information about the content you teach. If parents missed the back to school night you could have a brochure ready to send with their child the next school day!

BE YOURSELF: You rock! These kiddos have a rocking teacher.  Speaking in front of adults can sometimes cause some jitters.  (Avoid alcoholic beverages before the meetings! LOL) Have NO fear, picture your students in the seats and you’ll be A-OK!

If you’d like more details on the above items just message me, and I’ll share it with you!

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